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NCVP Residency - Call for Applications

Interested in a career in clinical parasitology? Do you need funding to provide clinical training for a veterinarian pursuing a PhD in parasitology? Consider applying for the NCVP Residency Program.

Working together to meet global challenges in veterinary parasitology

The mission of the National Center for Veterinary Parasitology is to further the discipline by bringing together partners from academia and industry to address emerging issues. The NCVP seeks to serve the veterinary profession by developing future leaders in veterinary parasitology and by supporting diagnostic and consulting services worldwide.

NCVP Goals include:

  • train graduate veterinarians and other scientists in clinical, applied veterinary parasitology
  • promote outstanding, clinically relevant veterinary parasitology research
  • provide diagnostic veterinary services in clinical parasitology to practicing veterinarians
  • provide balanced, science-based consulting expertise on parasite treatment and prevention strategies

The NCVP is Feautured in Oklahoma State University's National Big 12 Commercial! Click Below to Watch the Ad.

NCVP Merial Resident Dr. Jessica Rodriguez Speaks about Canine Heartworm on the News!

. .. Dr. Jessica Rodriguez (left), Merial Resident in Veterinary Parasitology, was recently featured on local news with her dog Pixie to raise public awareness about canine heartworm. Jessica discussed heartworm transmission, symptoms, treatment, and year-round prevention with Pixie by her side during the Pet Talk segment of the local news (KBTX, College Station, Texas). Click here to watch Jessica and Pixie in action. Great job, Jessica!