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Perform a search for any author you would like to find, including yourself. Web of Science makes a distinction between how many times an article was formally cited and the number of times it was "used" which loosely translates to number of clicks/downloads.

These numbers can be manipulated and they are not perfect, but they can indicate that an article is being utilized much more frequently than cited especially in disciplines where high citation numbers are not the norm. Once you have a list of publications for that person, you can click on Create a Citation Report to generate a visual representation of the person's cited works as well as create a composite set of data ranging from h-index to average citations per item.


Essential Science Indicators

Essential Science Indicators allow for a broader look at how a paper at OSU compares to papers in other institutions and similar disciplines and allows to find the highest rated papers in a specific discipline at the university level.

You can add various filters, including institution and highest number of citations.