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Alphabet Books for Children: Home

Books that teach the alphabet or use an ABC arrangement to introduce a topic to children.


The first alphabet books were primers that taught children the alphabet, numbers, basic sight words, and sometimes moral lessons. Modern ABC books still teach the alphabet, but often use humor or give details about a particular subject, such as dinosaurs or Washington DC or art. Some ABC books are not really for teaching the alphabet so much as using the framework of the alphabet to present information about  other topics. The lists below represent selections from the ETL collection. More titles are available in the catalog.

To learn more about alphabets, take a look at these books:

  • Alphabetical Order: How the Alphabet Began, by Tiphaine Samoyault (trans.Kathryn M. Pulver), 1998. j411 S191a

Some Picture Book ABCs

Favorite ABCs

ABC--3D / Marion Bataille.  2008. j428.1 B328a
A fascinating pop-up book with clever transitions from one letter to the next.

Cover Image
Fruits, légumes / Soledad Bravi. 2011. j443.17 S685f
An ABC of food in French.

Z is for Moose / Kelly Bingham. 2012. jE Bin
Moose is upset when his friend Zebra does not use him to represent M.

Cover Image

LMNO peas.  Baker, Keith. 2010.  jE Bak 
Busy little peas introduce their favorite occupations, from astronaut to zoologist.
Cover Image
Click, clack, abc / by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin. 2009.  jE Cro 2009   
Hilarious farmyard animals guide readers through the alphabet, from "ducks dashing" to "sheep sleeping."
Cover Image
Turn-around upside-down alphabet book. Ernst, Lisa Campbell.  2004.  jE Ern 
Each letter becomes three different objects when the book is turned different directions, as when A becomes a bird's beak, a drippy ice cream cone, and the point of a star.

Alphabet Rescue. Wood, Audrey. 2006.  jE Woo   
While on vacation in Alphabet City, Little e and the other lowercase letters repair an old fire truck and come to the rescue when a fire engulfs the letter-making factory.