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Finding Tests and Measurements: Finding Tests in Databases

A pathfinder to identifying and finding tests and measures in the social sciences.


Finding Tests in Other Databases

It is possible to locate tests and measurements in databases - databases such as PsycINFO and Digital Dissertations. Here's how it works:


  • PsycINFO, one of our major social science databases allows you to search for tests and measurements included with journal literature. These are unpublished tests.
  • In PsycINFO, make sure you’re at the Advanced Search screen.
  • Look down the Advanced search screen page, about halfway. There is a search box called Test & Measure.
  • Add the words self-esteem and appended to the Test and Measures search box (see image below)/
  • Your results list should included research where a measure of self esteem is appended to the article.


In ERIC, in the Advanced Search mode, you can look for tests and measures by entering your keyword in the search box and then selecting Tests/Questionnaires from the Publication Type box below.



Digital Dissertations

  • Digital Dissertations is our major source of research originating in Ph.D. dissertations
  • There are TONS of researchers who develop measurements and tests in their dissertations. Here’s how we find them in Digital Dissertations.
  • First, there are two Subject Name/Codes to be aware of: Psychological Tests (0632) and Educational Evaluation (0288). You can enter either the subject name or the numeric code. Make sure to use the drop down to select Subject Name/Code
  • In the second row, enter your keyword for the measure you wish to search – for example, self esteem.
  • Your results should include dissertations which include a measurement or test for self esteem.
  • Digital Dissertations are available full-text across the board starting in 1998-99. All OSU dissertations are available full-text starting in 1961. Further, due to some consortiums to which OSU belongs, dissertations from other universities may be available full-text going back a number of years.