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CPSY 5483: Community Counseling and Resource Development: Home

A library resource guide for CPSY 5483 (Dr. Hugh Crethar)


This library guide is created for students in CPSY 5483: Community Counseling and Resource Development, taught by Dr. Hugh Crethar. It will lead you to resources available at the Edmon Low Library, Oklahoma State Universty - Stillwater.

You will find sections containing a variety of information formats on the following:

  • Background Information - books and other sources of background information in counseling
  • Database Search Tips - strategies and techniques to search databases more efficiently and effectively.
  • Finding Books - to find books on counseling
  • Dissertations - to find dissertations in counseling
  • Finding Articles - to find articles on couseling. Includes sub-pages on types of articles and the differences between empirical studies and literature reviews
  • Writing and Citing - information on citing your sources properly, academic honesty, EndNote, and APA style
  • Tests & Measurements - a guide to finding psychological tests and measurements
  • Videos - a list of counseling and psychology DVDs and VHS tapes

If you need any assistance or if I can answer any questuons, you will find my contact information on the right of this page.

The Nature of Counseling Research

Before beginning research in counseling, you need to be aware that counseling is a social science. The social sciences are concerned with the study of human society and of individual relationships in and to society. The social sciences include (but are not limited to):

  • sociology
  • psychology
  • gerontology
  • anthropology
  • economics
  • political science
  • history

The social sciences are inherently interdisciplinary, meaning they draw upon one another's research and use it as a part of their own.

  • Psychologists and Counselors will study a given topic from a psychological or counseling perspective - is there anything within the individual which is leading to the situation you are examining?
  • Sociologists will study that same issue from a cultural or societal perspective - is there something in society or a culture which is leading to this situation?
  • Educators will study just about any issue in counseling, as pertains to an educational or learning environment.

What does this mean for you as a counseling student engaged in research? You need to look in many places for your research, beyond PsycINFO (our primary resource for research in psychology and counseling.) Remember: psychologists and counselors will research issues from one perspective, sociologists from another, educators from another, and so on.