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African American Studies: Government Websites

Statistical Sources

For the best sources of government stats go to the U.S. Statistical Abstract, the first stop for all government statistics. Each table will give you the source of information, so you can go there for more stats on your topic.

Some agencies also have large statistical pages for their topic. These include the National Center for Education Statistics and the National Center for Health Statistics. These agencies analyze in-depth statistics for education, health and human services. There is also a CDC Statistical page on Aging that yields information.

For more on any topic, try a government subject search engine, e.g.,, etc. These websites will lead you to other government publications on various topics, and remember many are primary sources for your topic.

For data collected since 2012, link to Statistical Abstracts (from Library Databases).

Government Search Engines (Government Made Easy) is a subject oriented database which allows you to search by subject for all related materials across government agencies.

FDsys searches for official publications. FDsys is for those well schooled in searching government information, who already know the name of their document or the agency holding it. It will give you electronic access to the Federal Register and CFR, in addition to congressional documents and the U.S. Code. allows you to put in a topic and find all of the connected bills, along with how far they have progressed and whether they have become laws.

For grants availability you can access