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Edmon Low Library

William E. Brock Memorial Library: Year 3 Reserves

Official Website

VMED 7502 (Gilmour)

VMED 7533 (van der Merwe and/or Morgan)

Toxicology & Poisonous Plants: Systems Affected Approach to Veterinary Toxicology. 2010. Beasley et al. Univ of Illinois. This may be [purchased by special order through Cowboy Copy or accessed online at:


VMED 7563 (Schoonover)

VMED 7583 (Hanzlicek)

VMED 7592 (Carter)

VMED 7674 (Holyoak)

The boxes below are for Spring 2019

VMED 7523 (Carter)

VMED 7614 (Baumwart)