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William E. Brock Memorial Library: Journals

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Full List of OSU Online Journals - Alphabetic, subject, and searchable lists of OSU online journals with links and online dates.

OSU Library Catalog - What print journals do the OSU Libraries subscribe to? In which library are they located? What years are included in the subscription?

Search for the full name of the journal in the OSU Library Catalog to display OSU Libraries subscription details. (Tools to assist you with translating a journal title abbreviation into a full journal title)

Some online and electronic journal subscriptions have records in the OSU Library Catalog. The online links to some are in the same catalog record that describes the print subscription with the Library Location “Electronic Resource.” (JAVMA is an example of this.) Some online subscriptions have their own record and have “computer file” (Journal of animal breeding and genetics is an example of this) or “electronic resource” (Journal of Ethology is an example of this) listed at the end of the journal title. Additionally there are catalog records for electronic versions of journals that are not online - in the William E. Brock Memorial Library these are most often items located in Veterinary Medicine Computer Reference (the journal ‘Swine Health and Production is an example of this). Occasionally, a catalog record will include the electronic address of a journal as part of the catalog record information but this does not indicate that OSU has an online subscription (Clinical orthopaedics and related research is an example of this).

Sources to Translate Journal Title Abbreviations

There is no one master authoritative list of journal title abbreviations. In the medical sciences, including veterinary medicine, it is common to use either the Medline/PubMed/National Library of Medicine abbreviations or Science Citation Index abbreviations.

Do you have a journal title abbreviation and need to know what the full title is?  Here are three resources you can use to look it up.

 Journals Database in PubMed - Searchable list of the journal title abbreviations used in PubMed. When searching PubMed, this link is always on the left side of the screen. A print list of these abbreviations is located next to the printer in the Brock Memorial Library. You may also FTP the PubMed list, the National Library of Medicine Molecular Biology journal list (Entrez databases including Nucleotide, Protein, and Genome), or the complete Entrez list comprised of both of these from this link.

Science Citation Index Journal Abbreviations - To search or view Science Citation Index journal abbreviations, begin a Science Citation Index search using the link above, then choose “Cited Reference Search” from the “Select a Search” option on the initial search screen, then click the link “view the Thomson ISI list of journal abbreviations” from the “Cited Work” area in the center of the screen.

All That JAS (Journal Abbreviation Sources) - This registry of web resources, created at Iowa State University, that list or provide access to the full title of journal abbreviations. All That JAS is divided into subject areas including Veterinary Medicine.

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