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Parasite Image Database: Bugs

The following images are provided as teaching aids to train and educate veterinarians. There are about 400 images on this site. Liberties were taken with parasite grouping to provide a veterinary medical emphasis.

Cimex lectularius

Cimex lectularius is the commonly known as the bed bug. Bed bugs have a painful bite that can annoy humans and animals alike. Although blood feeders, they are not yet known/documented to transmit disease.

Order Orthoptera

Cockroach; intermediate host; vector

Periplaneta americana

Anterior dorsal side of Periplaneta americana, also known as the American Cockroach. Cockroaches serve as intermediate hosts for many parasites, notably Gongylonema, Physaloptera, and Oxyspirura.

Triatoma spp.


Triatoma are known as “kissing bugs” and are important vectors for Trypanosoma cruzi.