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Library Creativity Award: Past Winners


Christian Coletti: Best in Show

Coletti studies aerospace and mechanical engineering and plans to graduate in 2018. Coletti’s winning entry, “The Singularity Triangle” was a series of 3D printed models representing a bubble with the lowest possible surface area relative to its size, a representation of the bubble popping and the wand to create the bubble. The designs were inspired by his studies of mathematics and engineering.

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Julia Meier: 2D Winner

Julia Meier is majoring in graphic design and plans to graduate in 2018. Meier’s entry, titled “Clothed in Controversy”, is a social statement designed to raise awareness about the amount of recyclable clothes thrown away each year. Her piece highlights the percentage of unrecycled clothing represented by typography formed from torn clothes.

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Deepak Kumar Duraivelu Rajmohan: 3D Winner

Deepak Kumar Duraivelu Rajmohan is seeking master’s degree in food science and plans to graduate in December 2016. Rajmohan’s entry was a series of 3D printed figurines representing his family. He created this family portrait by using two-dimensional images of him and his family’s faces to create accurate representations of his parents and himself. When asked about the purpose for creating this project, Rajmohan said that it was a way of remembering his late father.

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William Davis: Motion Winner

Davis is a May 2016 graduate of OSU with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in both marketing and entrepreneurship. Davis’ project, a 360 degree video titled “Vapor Reality v0.3”, as a way to explore the emerging field of virtual reality art. By utilizing software found in the Edmon Low Creative Studios, Davis was able to map out and devise a surreal landscape that surrounds the viewer.

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