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Tips for the Subject Liaison Librarian:

  1. Survey the faculty in his/her subject departments to understand the research needs in the area.The Subject Liaison Librarian should supplement this information with personal contacts with faculty via email, telephone or a site visit to the school, college or department.
  2. Compiling data about OSU courses and faculty research is an ongoing process requiring periodic review due to their changing nature. The collection should reflect these changes. It is important to inform faculty that they can contact the Subject Liaison Librarian for resource requests.
  3. An important part of a subject area may not be emphasized in the curriculum or by faculty research interests. Materials in these areas should still be represented in the collection.
  4. Bibliometrics: This LibGuide can help you locate impact factors and other evaluative measures for determining the scholarly status of a journal.
  5. Finding Faculty Publishing: This video shows how to use Web of Science to locate articles by faculty in your liaison disciplinary area. Comparing journal subscriptions lists against the journals that faculty publish in and cite can help identify titles that are core

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