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OSU Graduate Digital Badge: Badge Management

Digital Badge Management

Using Your Digital Badges

Below you will find the links to the various sites you can use to manage and maintain your efforts in earning OSU Graduate Digital Badges. The OSU Badges page is where you can login to see what workshops you have completed and which badges you have been awarded. The Mozilla Backpack page is the site where you can manage, display, and share all the badges you have earned from any source.

Digital Badge Management Links

OSU Badge Management - Link to the OSU badge system. Login using your OSU O-key information. Warning: you will not have an account in the system until you have attended one of the many qualifying OSU Digital Badge workshops.

Workshop Listings - You can view a list without logging in, or click on Site Home if you are logged into the system..

Mozilla Backpack - Free online resource where you can manage badges earned from multiple sources and control where they are displayed.