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English 1213: Composition II: Home


Welcome to the Oklahoma State University Libraries! We're glad you're here!

On this page, you will find some important information about the OSU Libraries, its collections, and services. Learning to use the Library and access its collections effectively and efficiently is a critical skill to learn sooner rather than later.

About the OSU Libraries

The Edmon Low Library is the main library on the OSU campus and is composed of 6 floors and over 8.5 million items (books, journals, government documents, maps, aerial photographs, special collections and archives, etc.).

The OSU Library’s website can be found at It contains links to databases and collections of resources available to OSU students.  You can connect to library resources twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The OSU Library has three on campus branches:

The Library employs full-time librarians and staff who can assist you in locating information and conducting research. The Library has subject-specialists who can help you get started with any research topic. If you need help, please stop by the Reference Desk on the first floor of the Edmon Low Library and ask us a question – we’re here to help you and save you time in your research!

Other Tips

  • You can contact the Library for assistance – from the Library homepage, on the left side, click on the “Ask Us” link to chat. If unavailable you can reach us by phone (405.744.9775), instant message (405.592.4128) or submit a question.  If you are in the Library you can also go to the Circulation and Information Desk on the first floor and ask for assistance.
  • There are a few places to get help in-person:
    • Circulation and Information Desk: Located on the first floor, the Circulation Desk is where you can find help on just about any topic you can imagine, including accessing library databases, collections and other resources online, searching the library catalog, etc.

    • Research and Learning Services Office: Located in Room 306, on the north side of the 3rd floor, the RLS office houses librarians who specialize in your subjects and can help with in-depth research. Take a look at our research guides or set up an appointment with a librarian to get some help.

    • Government Documents Reference Desk: Located on the fifth floor, the Government Documents Reference Desk is where you can find help accessing and locating materials published by the United States, the state of Oklahoma, as well as other US states, international governments and international organizations (such as the United Nations or World Bank).

  • If you aren't sure where to start on your research, start at the Circulation and Information Desk. We'll ask you some questions about your assignment and what you are interested in. Then, we can try some searches for you and see if what we find is what you need. We might also refer you to a subject specialist librarian if your research needs are in-depth. Consider librarians your time savers. Librarians know a lot about doing research and where to look for whatever kind of information you need.
  • Interlibrary loan is a free service, available to OSU students, faculty, and staff. You can request copies of books or articles not available in the OSU Library. Interlibrary loan does take a few days, so you may want to factor that into your research time. The OSU Library's interlibrary loan server is called ILLIAD.
    • Login to ILLIAD
    • Note: You will need your OKEY username and password to login. The first thing you will do, if you have never used interlibrary loan before, is create a profile. Interlibrary loan is free, so you will not be asked to pay for anything.