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Reading about Families: Home

Resources for children and teens about mothers, fathers, grandparents, step families, foster children, divorce, and other family topics.

Why Use Family Stories?

Family stories appeal to children who want to read about / hear about others like themselves. They also help children to walk in the shoes of someone else, whose time, ethnicity, or family situation is different from their own.

-- Continuum Encyclopedia of Children's Literature (2001)


Cover Image Hello! Hello! / by Matthew Cordell (2012)


Cover Image


           Blackout / by John Rocco (2011)

For Addtional Resources

Children's Literature Comprehensive Database

EBSCO - Middle Search Plus

EBSCO - Primary Search

Searchasaurus - a database designed for the youngest students.

For Children

For Teachers and Care-Givers

There are dozens of phrases used to describe families. As a starting point try these subject terms:

  • Families -- Juvenile fiction
  • Family life -- Fiction
  • Family problems -- Fiction
  • Family secrets - Fiction
  • Mother and child              / Father and child
  • Mothers and daughters    / Fathers and daughters
  • Mothers and sons            / Fathers and sons
  • Stepmothers                    / Stepfathers
  • Teenage mothers            / Teenage fathers
  • Adoption
  • Brothers
  • Death of a parent
  • Divorce
  • Foster children
  • Grandparents      /Grandfathers      /Grandmothers
  • Orphans
  • Siblings
  • Single parent families
  • Sisters

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