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Edmon Low Library

Foreign Languages and Literature: Home

This guide will cover book, e-book, and online database resources for the study of foreign languages and literatures (Spanish, French, German, Latin, Greek, Russian, and Japanese) at the OSU Library

Foreign Language and Literature Resources at OSU Library

This guide covers finding print and online resources for the study of foreign languages and literatures at the OSU Library, especially Spanish, French, German, Russian, Classics (Latin and Greek), Japanese, and other languages.  It will focus both on language-learning resources such as dictionaries, grammars, and other guides (including online language-learning resources) and on resources for literary criticism and study of literature and culture/civilization in the different national languages.  For information on the foreign language offerings at OSU, visit the Foreign Languages and Literature departmental website.

I have a separate guide for American Sign Language (ASL).

Use links at the top of the guide for detailed discussion of research tools, or the quick links to major databases below.