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Edmon Low Library

Checkout Information for Devices: Laptop Information

In order to make technology more accessible to everyone, Edmon Low Library offers laptop checkouts from the circulation desk. These laptops, as well as accessories to go with them, can be used anywhere on campus.  The laptops automatically connect to OSU wireless, helping patrons be where they need to be for projects, classes, or events.

Only patrons with a valid Oklahoma State University ID are allowed to checkout devices from the circulation desk. Should a patron forget their OSU ID, they MUST have another valid photo ID and know their CWID to checkout a device.

Laptops can be renewed online, over the phone, or in person.

Available Laptops

150 Dell Laptops
60 MacBook Airs
50 Microsoft Surfaces
20 Dell Laptops for Staff and Faculty

20 Macbook Pros for Staff and Faculty


There are many devices that can be checked out from the Laptop station at the Circulation desk. These items include:

  • USB Mouse
  • Dell Chargers
  • Mac Chargers
  • Android Chargers
  • iPhone Chargers
  • USB DVD Drives
  • Thunderbolt Adapters
  • Surface Pro Stylus

Ask the desk staff about which charger is needed for each device.

Rental Procedure

Laptop Renewal
(405) 744-6812

Fines and Fees
.50¢ a minute / $30 an hour

All students and staff must sign a Statement of Responsibility before checking out any devices. Devices from the Edmon Low Library can be checked out for 5 hours at a time, with the option to renew for up to 10 hours unless there is a wait list. Laptops must be returned directly to the attendant at the device counter at circulation.

Laptop Manager
Room 101
Edmon Low Library

(405) 744-7117

Warning! Data Loss!

When a student laptop is turned off or loses power, all material not saved to an external drive or the student's H: Drive will be lost! The Edmon Low Library is not responsible for any data lost due to power loss. As such, the library cannot guarantee the amount of battery charge left in each machine.

Power cords are available for check-out with the laptop to ensure it stays fully charged.