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Pop-Up and Movable Books: Overview

Books with pop-up pictures, flaps, tabs, and other interactive features, with resources on how to make them, use them, and choose a good one.

Handle with Care!

Pop-up books need careful handling. Young children may need supervision when looking and interacting with the book. Some may be checked out and some are for use only in the CML. When transporting a pop-up book, we recommend you keep it in a zip-lock bag. Enjoy!

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For Additional Books

To find additional interactive books, check the LIBRARY CATALOG by  these key phrases:

  • Toy and movable books
  • Lift the flap books
  • Pop-up books
  • Novelty books

For recommended titles, check POP-UP BOOKS in the most recent edition of the Children's Core Collection (21st ed., H.W.Wilson, 2014) CML 017.6 C536

For older titles, check the bibliography by Ann R. Montanaro, Pop-up and movable books: a bibliography (1993) CML 016.7416 M764p


For Teachers and Parents

Why use books with pop-ups or other movable parts?  Because they catch children's attention and invite them into a world of fantasy, adventure, or information.

This LibGuide lists many of the Curriculum Material Library's books with movable, touchable, or other interactive features. Many are shelved along the north wall (to the left of the Media Room door). Some types of features are:

  • fold-out pages
  • lift-the-flaps
  • movable parts
  • pockets with items
  • pull-tabs
  • slide-outs
  • touchable textures, including cloth books

Many movable books are designed for adults as well as children. The Meggendorfer Prize is awarded every two years to an  outstanding trade book. In 2014, the Movable Book Society added two more prize categories: one for the best art book and one for the best paper engineering.



Make Your Own


  • Carter, Betty. 2009. What Makes a Good Pop-up Book? Horn Book Magazine v.85 n.6 (Nov/Dec) p.625-632.  In the book world, movable books are a surefire way to immediately capture kids' attention. However the medium alone will not enthrall youngsters. Carter discusses what makes a good pop-up book.

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