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Undergraduate Library Research Award (ULRA): Apply


Before you complete the application, please review the application process details.

  • All materials must be received by April 10, 2017.
  • The following information and documents should be submitted electronically via our online application form
    • The application form should include
      • Contact information
      • Project description/abstract
      • Faculty sponsor information
      • Reflective Essay: A 750 -1,000 word reflective essay describing your research process. The essay should be double-spaced. See Tips for Writing the Reflective Essay and the essay criteria.
      • Research Project: A final or near-final version of the research project should be submitted electronically when possible. Project format will depend on the project itself. If the project cannot be submitted effectively in an electronic format, it may be delivered in person or sent through campus mail to Matt Upson, Director – Library Undergraduate Instruction and Outreach, 306 Edmon Low Library.
        • Submit projects in an appropriate medium/media and file type(s).
        • Example: A performance would probably be submitted as a video or audio file, whereas a history research project may be submitted as a traditional paper. The rules aren't absolute. Be creative, but make sure that your project effectively conveys your results and intent.
      • A bibliography of sources used for research, formatted in a recognized and consistent style.
        • If a bibliography is already included as part of the project (as it would be in a research paper), you do not need to resubmit the bibliography separately.
        • See the Tips for Bibliography section and the bibliography criteria.
      • A scanned version of your up-to-date transcript.
  • A Faculty Support Form should be submitted by the OSU faculty member responsible for teaching the course or mentoring the research for which the project was completed. THE FACULTY MEMBER MUST SUBMIT THIS DIRECTLY. Please contact your faculty member and send them to our Faculty Tips page for more detailed information.
  • Remember that all materials must be submitted using our online form, except in special circumstances noted above.
  • This award may affect your financial aid.  Please consult your financial aid advisor.

Questions? Contact Matt Upson