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Science Fiction & Fantasy for Young People: Home

Books available in the CML for readers in grades K-12.

Science Fiction vs Fantasy

"Fantasy deals with the immeasurable while science fiction deals with the measurable."  --Walter Wangerin Jr. (Nilsen, Literature for Today's Young Adults, 8th ed. 2013, p.143-4

Fantasy breaks one or more of the rules that govern "real" life as we ordinarily define it and so invents an altered reality.  Science fiction depicts plausible events based in the reality of the universe as we know it. These events might not happen in our time or in our world, but they are logical extrapolations of known facts.  (Continuum Encyclopedia of Children's Literature, 2001)

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Notable Writers of Fantasy / Science Fiction

Ursula K. Le Guin (2004 Edwards Award winner)

A Wizard of Earthsea  /  The Farthest Shore  /  Tombs of Atuan  /  Tehanu  /   The Left Hand of Darkness  /  The Beginning Place 

Anne McCaffrey (1999 Edwards Award winner), creator of the PERN chronicles

Dragonflight  /  The White Dragon  /  The Ship Who Sang  /  Dragonquest  /  Dragonsong  /  Dragonsinger  /  Dragondrums

Terry Prachett (2011 Edwards Award winner), creator of Discworld

Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents  /  Wee Free Men Hat Full of Sky  /  The Fifth Elephant  /  Men at Arms  /                                            The Long Earth  /  Mort  /  Small Gods

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