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Screen Studies: Home

This is a guide to OSU Library resources for the Screen Studies program in the OSU English Department

Introduction to Library Resources for Film Studies and Screen Studies

This guide will cover how to search for research information for the Screen Studies program at the OSU Library.  Screen Studies includes film studies, television studies, other media studies (online and other digital media), and related areas of popular culture studies.  The OSU Library has books, reference guides, scripts, and media resources (films/videos in different formats) as well as library databases on film and media studies, theory, the entertainment industry, and other topics.

For specific help in researching a topic in film or screen studies, please get in touch with me using the contact information on the right-hand column of this guide.

For library guides on the other programs offered by the OSU Department of English such as Literature/Creative Writing, Linguistics/TESL, and Professional Writing & Rhetoric) consult the English Department guide.