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About the Collection

On December 14, 1941, Oklahoma A&M College celebrated its 50th anniversary with a dinner hosted by OAMC President Henry G, Bennett. As a part of the celebrations, a time capsule was created, and attendees of the dinner were invited to write messages to the future attendees of the university. Their messages were written on 3x5 inch notecards and were preserved in the time capsule, which was buried in the South wall of the Edmon Low Library. 

The time capsule was opened in 1991, on Oklahoma State University's (formerly Oklahoma A&M College) centennial. The items from the capsule were placed in the Archives, and can be viewed by visiting our office on the second floor of the Edmon Low Library. To view a list of the items included in the time capsule, click here.

This digital collection contains 527 notecards that were written by the attendees of the 50th anniversary dinner. You can view those cards by clicking here, and you can find more information on the event by watching this video.