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Sequoyah Book Masterlists 2017: For Younger Readers

Books nominated annually for the Oklahoma Children's Book Award.

Sequoyah Books

The Sequoyah Awards are a readers' choice award. Oklahoma children and teens (grades 4-12) may vote each year on the books they like most. To vote, kids must read at least three titles. Masterlists are created each spring by librarians of the Oklahoma Library Association. To see a list of past winners and masterlists, go to the Oklahoma Library Association website.

These awards honor the Native American leader Sequoyah for his creation of the Cherokee syllabary, which allowed the Cherokee Nation to write its language.

WHERE are the current books?  Sequoyah Masterlist books are shelved at the east side of the ETL, alongside Newbery and Caldecott award books.

HOW LONG do I keep the books?  For two weeks. Use your campus ID card or courtesy card. Renew books (extend the borrowing time) on the Library website using the My Account tab, unless the books are requested by others.

RETURN books to the ETL desk or book drop (west of ETL entrance) or to the main Library.


Children's Masterlist 2017

For children in grades 4-6 (ages 9-11)

And the Winner Is ...

Sequoyah winners are usually announced in April each year.

2016 Winner - Chews your Destiny: the Gumazing Gum Girl! by Rhode Montijo

ETL Awards Shelves

Looking for the Sequoyah books?

The current masterlist books are on display (and available to check out) at the east side of the ETL.

Copies of all past Sequoyah titles are in the regular book stacks -- usually Juvenile Fiction -- and can be checked out. One copy of each Sequoyah winner is reserved for "Library Use Only" and kept on the Awards shelves (arranged by year). Confused? Ask the ETL staff to help you find them.

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