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SMARTboards in the Library: Home

What is a SMARTboard?

For all intents and purposes, a SMARTboard is basically a large screen computer. They are available in group study rooms in the OSU Library.

There are two basic SMARTboard setups, large rooms versus small rooms. Large rooms are set up one way, small rooms are set up slightly differently.

Large Rooms: 110A-D, 102K-M

Small Rooms: 102 Q-S


For assistance with the Library SMARTboards, please contact:

  • M-F 8-5pm: Circulation Desk
  • All other times: Reference Desk

SMARTboard Troubleshooting

1. "It's not working!"

  • Make sure the computer is ON
  • Make sure the screen is ON
  • Check input (set to HDMI)
  • Ensure cables are connected properly.
    • Still no picture? Hard boot the computer. Hold down green power switch until the computer switches off, then press again to restart. (If this doesn't solve the problem, something may actually be wrong. Call for help.)

2. "There's no sound!"

  • So sorry, but there's nothing we can do about this. There is no way to get sound out of the SMARTboards, even if external speakers are plugged in.

3. "How do I plug my laptop into this?"

  • Connect the cable to the blue VGA port located on the small switchbox near the screen.
  • Set Input to D-SUB/VGA
  • The Library does not issue HDMI or VGA cables so you'll have to use your own.

4. "The remote doesn't work!"

  • To use the remote, hold it up close to the sensor in the SMARTboard (within several inches in some cases.)

5. "It says "NO INPUT" after I turn it on."

  • Change the input to HDMI. Use remote. Press INPUT button to bring up input menu, use remote to cycle through inputs. Select HDMI.

SMARTboard Components

There are two basic parts of a SMARTboard:

  1. The whiteboard (display) - the whiteboard has a power button on the front lower right. You can also power it on with the remote control (be sure to hold remote close to sensor).
  2. CPU (computer) - the CPU is attached to the upper rear (left or right, it varies). It is about the shape and size of a wireless router, square, approximately 6 inches square by about 2-3 inches. The power button looks like light bulb. If it's powered on, it should be green.