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World War II Posters: Home

About the Collection


This collection contains 206 posters printed by the United States Government Printing Office during World War II. Subjects include U.S. allies, morale, information security, war bonds and stamps, food rationing, recruitment, Victory Gardens, scenes by Norman Rockwell, and miscellaneous related subjects.

The digital collection, which can be viewed by clicking here, contains 168 unique posters from the 206 (copies of the same poster were not included in this digital collection).

To see a listing of all 206 posters in the collection, click here.

The posters were a gift of Archibald Edwards in 1973, and were housed in the Government Documents department at the library until they were transferred to the Archives.


Posters were a great way to communicate messages to the American people during the War. To learn more about the use of posters during World War II, you can visit these sites:

The Powers of Persuasion (from the Library of Congress)

Propaganda Posters at a Glance (from the National World War II Museum)

Note: OSU Libraries is not responsible for the content of these outside sites.