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ARL Statistical Survey

Guide for Question 1, 2, 18, 19, and 20 of the Association of Research Libraries Statistical Survey typically due mid January

Beginning the ARL Survey

Create a new year folder in the ARL Statisical Survey folder on the Digitization (T:) drive under
     Digitazation (T:) > GeneralProjects > ARLStatistics > ARL Statistical Survey.










Then copy the file "ARL_Statistical_Survey-FY20xx" from the previous year's folder into the new folder and change the name to reflect the new survey year.




Add a new worksheet at the bottom by right clicking either the most current worksheet, or the one labeled "Blank", and selecting "Move or Copy" 








Then select the first sheet in the list (to move the new sheet to the front), check the box that says "Create a copy", and click "OK"








Next, rename the new sheet with the current survey's fiscal year















Then you'll want to copy last year's data for each campus into the new table as a reference. Do this by going to the previous year's tab at the bottom and select the entire data area for the campus. Then copy that area and return to the new year's tab.








Next you'll want to right click in the first cell of that campus' first column of data. You'll select the "values" paste option to only paste in the number from last year.








Do that for each campus across the board and be sure the change the headers of the columns to reflect the new dates.









Next, open the Excel file named "ARL Q 18 19 20 - Electronic Resources FYxx" from the previous year. This is the work book used to calculate the numbers for questions in 18, 19, and 20 of ARL.

Use the "Clear Contents" from the right mouse button menu after selecting the highlighted sections (Columns D through P, and R through S). You can do this in two stages, or all at once by selecting one section and holding the Ctrl key while selecting the other section.









Do this for all three tabs.









Use "Save As" to save this new file in the new folder with the new year in the file name.









Where to find the ARL Survey

Next we'll want to save a copy of the newest survey and definitions.

Find the ARL Survey worksheet and definitions here:

Click on the most recent current survey year under "ARL Statitics"







Then download the worksheet and definitions into the new ARL Statisical Survey folder










Analytics Instructions

To answer these questions we will use Alma Design Analytics programs. So to start, open Alma and find the Design Analytics link under "Analytics" at the top.







Then you will click on "Catalog"







After that, you'll use the "Folders" window to navigate to the ARL survey folder under
   "Shared Folders" > "Oklahoma State University" > "Reports" > "ARL"








Now we will create a new year folder for the current survey by clicking on the down arrow of the icon that looks like a bar chart. Then click on the "Folder" line with the icon that has a folder and plus sign.








Name the new folder the current year and press "OK"








Once that has been created, we are going to follows a few steps to copy the previous year's programs into the new folder. So lets begin by clicking "Expand" on the previous year's folder.








1) Click the "Edit" link under the program you want to copy.







2) After opening the program, navigate to the "Criteria" tab at the top. Hover over the "Creation Date" filter in the "Filters" section and click on the pen icon.







3) Change the year and press "OK"







4) After this, you'll use the "Save As" button at the top to create a new file and a new survey year folder at the same time.







5) In the new window, select the icon that has a folder with an arrow. This will take you back to the main ARL folder.










6) Select the current year's folder










7) Change the name of the program to reflect the current year and press "OK"










8) Return to step one and repeat the process until all of the programs have an updated copy in the current year's folder.


9) Once all the programs have been updated to the current year, run and export the data to an Excel sheet. Save the output from these program runs in the as a freeze frame on the live Alma data. The programs will run at a later date as well, but the numbers may not always be exact.