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ARL Statistical Survey

Guide for Question 1, 2, 18, 19, and 20 of the Association of Research Libraries Statistical Survey typically due mid January

ARL Survey for Collections Question 2 is made up of four different sources. In the ARL_Statistical_Survey-FY20xx Excel file, you'll see the first line is a highlighted blue line. This is a calculation formula line adding together the "Print volumes," "eBook volumes," "Electronic Theses & Dissertations," and "Unlinked journal volumes (physical count)" lines. The dark blue line is the one that will be reported to ARL as our answer for question 2. HathiTrust is included in question 2 where it is not allowed in question 1. However, it does not include eSerials.


Use the program named "ARL Q2A 20xx Count of physical items, incl duplicates, excl suppr, microforms, maps" for the "Print volumes" box.



Use the program named "ARL Q2A 20xx eBooks suppressed DDA" for the "eBook volumes" box.







Ask Juliana for the date to put in the "Electronic Theses & Dissertations" box.