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ARL Statistical Survey

Guide for Question 1, 2, 18, 19, and 20 of the Association of Research Libraries Statistical Survey typically due mid January

Use of Electronic Resources

This section of the ARL survey will take the most time to complete. It requires logging into each of the vendor's websites and downloading the usage statistics/reports (typically COUNTER)  they have available. Each vendor's site is different, so it makes finding the usage difficult and time consuming. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time (at least a month) to complete this task as you may also run into credential issues when trying to log into the admin account.

Use the Vendor Account Login Excel sheet to log into each vendor's website.









I'm going to use one vendor's account (begell house) to give as an example of how to pull reports, but please note they are all laid out completely different. It make take some searching to find the usage statistics. So for this vendor, I'll walk you through the screenshots.

Notes: For Question 18, you will want a JR1 with GOA report. If this is not an option, download a JR1 (GOA excluded) report. GOA is the free content, and we would like to report all resources used.

For question 19, use the DB1 if available. If you cannot find a DB1 COUNTER report, use the PR1 instead. The difference is that one individual can search multiple databases and be counted for the same search on each database; however, their one search will be counted once for the platform. We would like to continue to count the searches via databases to show all the resources being used, but some vendors do not offer DB1 reports. And some vendor's do not have either a DB1 or a PR1. When in doubt, download all the reports offered.

1) Click on the vendor's url in the Address column.

2) Copy the cell containing the password and log into the admin page. (note that for this vendor, the login is on the left at the bottom the page. I have highlighted theme in yellow.)









3) Next you will find the Usage Stats/COUNTER Reports









4) Next you will click on the report you are wanting from this vendor. 








5) With COUNTER 5 reports, you may need to do additional selections to pull the correct content. When you've selected everything, click "Generate."












6)  There will be a pop-up bar at the bottom for you to download the generated report.





7) Create a folder for the Vendor under 
           Digitazation (T:) > GeneralProjects > Journal & Database Usage > [Current Year]


8) Save each report with the same naming convention
       ( [Journal name or abbreviation]_[Type of Report - C4, C5, NC for NonCOUNTER]_[Report type - JR1, JR1GOA, DB1, PR1,
       or the type it most resembles]_[Beginning date of report - YYYYMMDD]_[End date of report - YYYYMMDD] )
    in the folder for that particular vendor. Example: BegellHouse_C5_JR1_20190701_20200631.xlsx

Next Steps

1) Open the vendor's usage report. to check for data (Question 18, you'll open the JR1/JR1GOA report).



2) Next open the open the Excel file named "ARL Q 18 19 20 - Electronic Resources FYxx" file. Note that there are tabs at the bottom for each question's spreadsheet (ie Q18, Q19, Q20). Make sure there is a row for that vendor in the Question 18/19 tabulation spreadsheet. If not add one by right clicking and pressing "Insert".















3) Go back to the report and copy the "Total Item Request" row for July to June.





4) Go back to the spreadsheet and right click on the July box for the vendor's row. Select the "123" paste option.







5) Make sure the total is populated or copy the function from the row above. If the number in this total matches the number in the report for "Reporting Total" then you can save the spreadsheet and move onto the next vendor.







Repeat these steps until all vendors have been included for Question 18 and 19 (contained on separate sheets on tabs at the bottom of the excel file).