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Guide for Books Missing their Accompanying Materials

Pre-2008, books and their accompanying materials were housed separately. They are now housed together, but not every book was able to have a happy reunion.

Books and their Failed Reunions

Beginning in 2008, instead of separating accompanying CDs and DVDs from books and storing them in the former Multimedia Room, the accompanying material was kept with the book whenever possible.  This was made possible by new technology allowing a security strip overlay for CDs and DVDs.

 As time passed some of the books began returning to the library without their accompanying materials.  The lost accompanying material will not be replaced by publishers and cannot be purchased separately. It is generally not considered cost effective or desirable to purchase a replacement book+CD/DVD just to reacquire the accompanying material.  It will not be necessary to contact the Subject Area Librarian regarding the missing material. Also, the CD/DVD may be found or returned at a later date. Therefore, when cataloging personnel receive a request to adjust the catalog record because accompanying material is missing, use the following procedure:









1.       Make no change to the bibliographic record

2.      Add a public note [ ‡z (DVD (or CD) missing mm/dd/yyyy) ] to the MFHD 866 field.  Be sure to enclose the note in parentheses.

3.      Make the following changes to the item record:

a.       Public note on the notes page will read:  mm/dd/yyyy;1 DVD (or CD) missing;init.

b.      Adjust the number of ‘Pieces’ to reflect the item(s) remaining






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