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Cataloging Checklist

This is a handy guide to the basics of cataloging.

Cataloging Checklist- Monographs

Cataloging Checklist-Monographs


1.       Bibliographic record

a.       Search by author/editor—check for earlier editions that might have been missed

b.       Check 6xx field for missed 600 or 610

c.       Check title page, verso, pagination, etc. (if assistant is inexperienced)

d.       Tools - set management tag- export to WorldCat- publish bib

e.       Save to database


 2.      Holdings (MFHD) record

a.       852 field: use 1 for first indicator for Dewey numbers, 8 for non-Dewey schemes

b.      change |z messages to |x

c.       MARC tab: review call number, subfield codes

d.       Make sure 866 is done correctly if multi volume set or accompanying material

e.       Save to database if necessary


3. Shelf-listing

a.       Alt C to see the shelf list

b.       Compare by call number and cutter for conflicts

c.       Adjust MFHD as necessary, then save and release (ctrl alt R)

d.       Adjust call number on work-form slip as well.


4.  Item Record Review

a.      "Enum" field for multi volume sets

b.      Accompanying materials designation in the Notes page (1 DVD, etc.)

c.      Material type and item policy

         i.       Book and book for Main

             ii.      Book and Noncirc for SCUA

d.       Save to database

e.       Scan item out of Acquisitions


5. Assistant will:

a.       Scan the item into Circulation

b.      Label the items

c.       Take statistics