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Monograph Statistics

We bring you a quick and easy guide for students to compiling statistics for monograph copy cataloging.
Tags: Copy cataloging, statistics, student assistants

Monograph Statistics

1.  Count the items, and separate out by category (monograph, added copies, added volumes.)

2. Open the digital worksheet for the specific cataloger (insert file path here)

3. Enter the total number of stand-alone monograph pieces .

4. Enter the total number of added copies/added volumes.

5.  Enter the total number of accompanying items (CDS, DVDS, etc.) into the Accompanying Materials section.

6. Digital items cataloged (e.g., New York Annals of the Academy of Science) are also counted in the digital monograph section. (Screenshot here)

7. In the media section, add the total number of titles with the total number of pieces immediately below it. While this might make the Excel spreadsheet unhappy, it will be fine.

8. If the item is part of a multi-volume set, count it as 1 title, and every volume after volume one is an added volume.