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Data Literacy Instruction for Undergraduate Chemistry: Survey for chemistry faculty

Our study will provide insights into which data literacy competencies are being taught in chemistry undergraduate curricula, in order to explore potential opportunities for advancing data instruction in chemistry and other STEM disciplines.

Survey for Undergraduate Chemistry Instructors

Chemistry is a data intensive discipline and as a chemistry instructor, it is likely that you teach a variety of data skills.  As part of a study investigating chemistry faculty’s use and perceptions of data literacy instruction in their undergraduate chemistry courses across multiple institutions, we are asking you to take a few minutes to participate in the survey through the link provided above.  The survey will inquire about your current practices with regard to teaching data literacy competencies in your chemistry courses and your perspectives on the importance of data literacy competencies to your students. 

The data collected from these surveys will be analyzed and reported in aggregate so that they are completely anonymous with no identifiable information. Results will provide insights for future design and structure of chemistry curricula, and highlight potential opportunities for advancing data instruction in chemistry courses. The surveys will take no more than 15 minutes of your time and participation in the study is completely voluntary. 

We appreciate your help with our study. If you have any questions about the survey or study, please feel free to contact Kay Bjornen, Principal Investigator, at


Kay Bjornen, Ph.D.

Research Data Initiatives Librarian

Visiting Assistant Professor

Oklahoma State University


Jacinta M. Mutambuki, Ph.D.

Edward Bartlett Professor of Pedagogy in Chemistry

Assistant Professor

Oklahoma State University