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Getting Better Search Results with Google Scholar: Collecting citation information from your Google Scholar profile

Google Scholar is a convenient search tool but it has limitations. Learn how to get the best results from your searches.

First, you must have a Google Scholar profile

To have a Google Scholar profile, you must have a Google account, use a real name, and to be able to verify your identity as someone affiliated with a scholarly enterprise, like a college or university. You'll go to, click on My Profile, and fill in the requested information.

If you have a common name, you may end up with references in your profile that aren't yours. Be wary.

elements of a Google Scholar profile- name, email, affiliation, etc.

Save the citations from works where they've cited your works

Mark the stars to save to your 'my library' folder, then mark the citations or the list of citations to save them to Endnote or other citation managers.