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HathiTrust Documentation (New)

HathiTrust is a conglomerate of academic and research libraries around the world that team up to digitize their print collections. For more information on who and what HathiTrust is, visit:

HathiTrust Print Holdings Information containing the requested fields, formatting, and related information can be found here:


Getting To The HathiTrust Reports

1) Open Alma and login 









2) Navigate to Design Analytics by clicking "Analytics" on the
    left hand side menu and then "Design Analytics"








3) In the new window, click on "Catalog" on the
     blue menu bar at the top








4) In the menu on the left called "Folders", navigate
    to the HathiTrust folder located in the "Reports" folder.
    Shared Folders > Oklahoma State University > Reports







5) The HathiTrust folder located under the Reports folder
     contains four programs/queries for the three Holding Files
     you will need to submit. Please navigate to the LibGuide
     page for each of those reports for more information.