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Remixing Architecture: Copyright & Fair Use: Home

This guide will help clarify inspiration & plagiarism in the visual arts including architecture, art, & design.

Plagiarism Explained

This guide was created by Mississippi State University librarian Corrine Kennedy. The original can be found here

The guide will help you understand what Visual Plagiarism is and how to avoid it.  Visual Plagiarism can also be known as Art Theft.  When one uses either term, they are referring to the taking of someone else's artwork or design and claiming it as one's own.  This can include artwork like drawing, painting, sculpture, and photography, as well as advertisements, logos, brand names, and other visual imagery.​  Additionally, you will learn about the grey areas in design known as pastiche, homage, and parody in regard to another’s creative visual material, as well as the ethical and legal implications.  Images used for examples in this guide were either found using a Creative Commons search, permission from the creator, or in the public domain. 

Visual Plagiarism and Copyright in the News