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Quality of Life Collection: Home

Quality of Life Items

The Quality of Life Collection is a program piloted in Fall 2023 to provide items that give patrons a "quality of life" upgrade. The goal of this collection is to provide access to items for students, staff, and faculty to upgrade their work environment. Items included in the collection can be found below. More items are slated to come during the semester. 

All items can be checked out from the circulation desk on the first floor of the library. 

Whether you forgot your graphing calculator at home for your test or you just need a simple calculator to help with some basic math, the library has you covered. There are three TI 84 graphing calculators and three TI-30Xa scientific calculators

Checkout period: 1 Day (due by close/midnight same day)

Overhead lights too bright? Winter darkness got you down? Check out a lamp! The library offers simple LED table lamps, a less harsh alternative to some of the brighter bulbs found on campus or at home, or Verilux HappyLight Therapy lamps, which are designed to help with seasonal depression, jet, and other light-related issues you may have, without exposing you to UV rays (user manual here). 

Checkout period: 3 days

Need a place to jot down your thoughts or do longhand math without wasting paper? Our lap-sized whiteboards could be for you! Markers will be provided. 

Checkout period: 1 Day (due by close/midnight same day)

Portable Power Banks
Long days can sometimes be the death of our phone batteries. If you find yourself running on 5% without the ability to sit near an outlet, come to the library for a portable power bank. You'll be able to charge your phone in your backpack without having to stop to hunt down a good seat by the wall. 

Checkout period: 3 hours

White Noise Machines
Do you have trouble focusing without noise in the background? Have you ever found yourself distracted by even the slightest noise of a car driving by or conversations happening nearby? Try a white noise machine to mask those sounds so you can focus!

Quality of Life Suggestions

Is there something you'd like to see in our quality of life collection? Tell us here!