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Instructions on how to add a page request for a patron from Folio.

Find the User

Open Folio and go to the Users app.

Look up the patron requesting the item by name, email address, or CWID (this must include the “A” at the beginning of the number)



Select the correct patron.

Under the user information, on the right-hand side of the screen, scroll down to Requests and click on it to expand the section.

Click on Create Request on the right-hand side of this section. This will load a new page.



Add the Request

Scan the item barcode in the Item barcode field and hit enter. The item information will appear below.

Folio will automatically set a hold time of one week. We do not need to change any dates on the request page.

Choose the correct Pickup Service Point from the drop-down menu. *Make sure you are only choosing OKS- sites. The entire consortia will be listed. * We currently allow pick-ups from the Main Library, ETL, Vet Med, and Architecture Library.

Click Save and Close at the bottom of the screen.


Printing and Pulling Page Requests

The pull slips for requested items will need to be printed. You can print pull slips for items located at your current service point. In the top right corner of the screen, click on the Actions button. On the drop down click Print pick slips for OKS-OSU “Branch”.



For example, if your service point in Folio is set as OKS-OSU Main, it will generate the pick slips for all Open – Not yet filled pages for items in the Main Library. If you are logged into OKS-OSU ETL it will generate any page requests for items located at ETL.  The pick slips will open in a pop-up window where you can print or send to PDF.



Once the pick slips have been printed, pull the items being requested. Go to the Check in app in Folio and scan the barcode for each item being requested. If the pick-up location for the item is at a different branch, a pop-up window will appear saying the item needs to be routed to another library. For example, if a patron has requested an item at the Architecture Library and wants to pick it up at the Main Library, when the item is checked in, Folio will tell you to route the item to the Main Library. You will be given the option to print a routing slip. Please note that the routing pop-up and the routing slip do not indicate the item is being routed for a request.



These requests will move from the “Open – Not yet filled” status to “Open – In Transit.” Place the pick slip in the book and route to the receiving branch. If the item being paged is located at the requested pick-up location, the routing pop-up will not occur.

Activating the Request

Once the item arrives at the library location for pick-up, or If the item being paged is located at the requested pick-up location, it will need to be checked in again to activate the request . Go to the Check in app in Folio and scan each barcode. A pop-up will appear stating that the item is awaiting pickup for a request. You will be given the option to print a slip.



At this point, Folio will send a notification to the patron that their requested item is available. Items are given a one week expiration date. Items not picked up by the expiration date will need to be pulled the next day, scanned in the Check in app, and routed for reshelving.

Cancelling Requests

If an item cannot be found on the shelf, the request will need to be cancelled in Folio. Open the Requests app, and limit your search results to Open – not yet filled. Click on the request you need to cancel. A side window will open to the right with the request information. Click on the blue Actions button in the top right corner and click Cancel Request.



A new window will pop up asking you to confirm the cancellation. Under Reason for Cancellation choose Item Missing. In the Additional information for patron field, paste the following message: We may be able to borrow this item from another library. Please place an Interlibrary Loan request here: