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Literature, Creative Writing, & Literary Criticism: Websites

This guide will help you find British, American, and English-language literary texts, creative writing resources, and literary criticism on authors or literary works in books, reference book entries, and journal articles available from the OSU Library.

Criticism in Websites

Although there is not much scholarly criticism available on the free World Wide Web, there are many sites that point to helpful resources in the study literature.  This is but a selected listing of sites that may be of use to students and researchers.

This page also lists sites with free, public domain e-books that would be of interest to those studying literature.  The OSU Library also provides several specialized library databases with thousands of digitized books and publications from earlier periods--see Historical E-Books Collections at the OSU Library.

General Web Sites for Literature & Creative Writing

Below are some general Web resources for literature and creative writing:

General Web Resources for Literary Criticism

Below are some general Web sites or portals with information on literary studies.

Public Domain E-Book Collections on the Web

These resources provide free, online e-book versions of public domain works of literature.  These digital collections are excellent sources of primary texts for literary study, and for the study of literary history and literature and culture. For additional primary work collections, both library databases and free sites, see the Historical E-Book/Digital Collections research guide.