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Hospitality and Tourism Management: Find Books

A guide to resources and research in hospitality

Find Books using BOSS (Big Orange Search System)

To search for books in hospitality at the OSU library using the BOSS book search, go to the OSU library homepage (

If you're looking for a specific book, type in the title of the work, then click on the search button.

If you're looking for works by specific author, type in the name of the author. 

If you're browsing for works by keywords, here are some search tips:

  • BOSS allows for the phrase searching with the use of " ". The query "hospitality management" will find results with that phrase.
  • BOSS supports the Boolean operations AND, OR, NOT.  The operators must be in ALL CAPS. (By default all terms in a search are combined with  AND operator.)
  • Use the wildcard *: when used at the end of a word such as comput*, BOSS will turn results that match all suffixes compute, computing, computerized, computers.

Once you locate a book, jot down the call number of the book and use the following Call Number Slip to determine the floor location of the book.  For example, if the book has a call number of  647.94023 H177h, note the first three digits of this call number, which is 647, and match it with the call number slip to find out that this book is located in the basement of the library.  

Interlibrary Services

Can't find the books you need in OSU Libraries?  Use the library's Interlibrary Services (ILS) to request books from other libraries.  It's a free service for students, faculty and staff of OSU.  With ILS, you can request books, book chapters, as well as articles, theses & dissertations from other universities.