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ENGL 3933: Shakespeare: Journal Article Databases

This guide will cover the OSU Library resources to help you in English 3933 taught by Dr. Andrew Wadoski.

Criticism in Journal Articles & Literary Journals

Journals of literary criticism contain articles analyzing authors and their works.  Articles tend to focus on specific literary works and often are more specific in their focus than books.  Your keyword searches can also be more specific.  When You can search for articles in databases, and many will be available full-text online.

Many journals also have book reviews, but those articles are too brief to be useful for research; you would want to locate the book being reviewed for more substantive interpretations and criticism.

Literary journals or magazines publish poetry, short stories, and other creative writing genres.  Many of them are available full-text from Library databases, though there are many that are in print.  Search for those using BOSS search search using a "Full-Text Journals" search.  Most will be in the 800 call # range on the 4th floor, and print journals on Shakespeare will be in 822.33.

BOSS will bring up some, but not ALL articles from database we have, so use the individual databases as well to make sure you find the widest arrary of journal articles available to us.

Databases for Journal Articles, etc.

Below are the key subject databases to search for journal articles of literary criticism on Shakespear and Renaissance England.  Many of the databases have full-text articles, but if the full text is not available, click on the  or Article Linker button.  If another database from the OSU Library has the full text of the article, it will be displayed in a new window or a link to it will appear.  If an article is not available online from another database, you can get a copy of the article from interlibrary loan.  Click on the "Request a copy of this article" link and log in to the Interlibrary Services page that comes up.  The article citation information will automatically appear in the interlibray loan form.  Click the "Submit" button, and you will receive an email when your article is available, usually within 48 hours.

You will need to log in with your OSU email address and O-Key password to access these databases off-campus.  Click HERE to log in.

The following are general library databases with some full-text articles from journals and other periodicals covering many subject areas.  They are not specific to any one field, but are multidisciplinary and worth consulting along with the subject-specifc databases listed above.

Key Journals for Shakespeare

Below is a selected list of key journals and literary magazines available in full text from the OSU Library.  An OSU ID is needed to access these titles.

Literary Criticism Journals on Shakespeare and English Literature in the Renaissance:

      ELH:  English Literary History

      Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies

      PMLA:  Publications of the Modern Language Association

      Renaissance Quarterly (1967-2007); (2005-Present)

      Renaissance Studies

      SEL:  Studies in English Literature, 1500-1900

      Shakespeare Quarterly

      Shakespeare Studies