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Quick Guide to MLA Style: Web Site Citation

This is a guide to citing sources for research papers in MLA Style

MLA 8th Ed. - Web Site

For MLA 8, cite the author if listed, title of the specific page in quotation marks, title of the larger site containing the page in italics, date of publishing (range if a site has been updated over time), and URL. Date of access may be added at the end if the site changes often. If no publication date given, you no longer put "n.d.," but just leave off the date. The date of access can be helpful, espeically if the page might change or be deleted.


  • Websites and Blogs

The Official Website of the Toni Morrison Society, 2008,

Drout, Michael. "Anglo-Saxon Medicine." Wormtalk and Slugspeak, 31 March 2015, Accessed 10 August 2016.

  • Videos on YouTube (or other streaming site)

"Inside OSU - The Research Mission." YouTube, uploaded by OStateTV, 6 October 2015, Accessed 10 August 2016.

  • Twitter

@NASA. "Large planets that orbit close to their stars, may hide atmospheric water under their clouds" Twitter, 8 Jun 2016, 11:43 a.m., Accessed 10 August 2016.