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Quick Guide to APA Citation Style: Book Citation

Book Sources


Author. (Date). Book title. Location: Publisher.

  • Single Author
    Bain, K. (2004).What the best college teachers do. Cambridge, MA: Harvard
            University Press.
  • Two Authors
    Cone, J. D., & Foster, S. L.(1993). Dissertations and theses from start to finish: 
             Psychology and related fields.
    Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

  • Three to Seven Authors
    Halman, L., Sieben, I., & van Zundert, M. (2011). Atlas of European values: Trends and traditions
            at the turn of the century.
    Leiden, Netherlands: Koninklijke Brill.

  • Edited Book
    Gibbs, J. T., & Huang, L. N. (Eds.). (1991). Children of color: Psychological
            interventions with minority youth.
    San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

  • Article/Chapter in an Edited Book
    LaFromboise, T. D., & Low, R. G. (1998). American Indian children and adolescents.
            In J. T. Gibbs, & L. N. Huang (Eds.), Children of color: Psychological
            interventions with minority youth
    (pp. 112-142). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

  • Entry in an Encyclopedia
    Bergmann, P. G. (1993). Relativity. In The New Encyclopedia Britannica (Vol. 26,
            pp.501-508). Chicago, IL: Encyclopedia Britannica.