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Acquisitions and Bindery: General Instructions

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Log In

Enter your Username and Password and click the Login button or press Enter. If you do not have an account, contact the Library Systems Department.

After logging in, you will see the Order Status Screen. This screen lists all of the orders you have created, by their assigned status. There are four statuses: Saved for further review, Sent to Acquisitions, Printed by Acquisitions, and Canceled. Saved and Sent to Acquisitions can only be assigned by the selector; Canceled can be assigned by the Selector or by Acquisitions staff, Printed by Acquisitions can only be assigned by Acquisitions staff.

Quick Search

The Quick Search function allows you to search YOUR orders, using one of the following fields: Title, Requestor, ISBN, or ISSN. Key points to understand about the Quick Search:

    • This search looks for a character string (to use computer-speak), so you do not need to enter the entire title, requestor name, ISSN, or ISBN to search. If the ISBN is 1234567890, you will get a result for "456".
    • Because the search looks for a string, truncation is automatic. If you search for "dog" in the title, you will get "Clifford the Big Red Dog", "Wild Dogs of Australia", "Doggone Wild", etc.
    • If you enter several terms, they must be in exactly that order in the corresponding field of the order request. If the requestor's name is Mary Beth Green, you will get a result for "Mary Beth", or "Beth Green", but not "Mary Green."

Enter your search term and click or press Enter on your keyboard.

Create a New Order

To begin a new order, click the Create New Order button.

    • Click here for field-by-field instructions to filling in an Order Form. The instructions will open in a new window.
    • When you finish filling in the form, be sure you have selected a Status (Save for Further Review, Send to Acquisitions, or Cancel Order) and Urgency Status (Normal, Rush, Keep Moving, or Stat).
    • If you are satisfied with the order, click . This will save your request in the Order System with the assigned status. It cannot be deleted. Conversely, if you click when filling out an unsaved order, none of your information will be saved.

After submitting your order, you will receive an Order Confirmation noting that the title has been sent to Acquisitions or saved in the order system, depending on the status you selected. If you wish to create another order, click . To return to the main menu page, click

Edit a Saved Order

Any order saved to the order system, regardless of its status (Saved for review, Sent to Acquisitions, Printed By Acquisitions, or Canceled), may be edited. PLEASE DO NOT EDIT ORDERS WITH STATUS OF PRINTED BY ACQUISITIONS. Email Doug Sander and cc: Barbara Bradley with any changes you need to make.

Locate the order you wish to edit and click on the title.  Your order will look very much like it did when you first created it. The page will be titled Update Form instead of Order Form. In the column on the left side, after the Number of copy field, there is an additional field: Total Cost.

    • If you edit the Cost per Unit or the Number of copy fields, the Total Cost will not update until you click .
    • Review your assigned Status and Urgency Status selections before submitting your updates, especially if you are editing an order previously Saved for Review.
    • If you click or the BACK button on your browser before submitting your changes, your changes will not be saved.
    • Click to print the Update Form as it appears on your screen. The buttons and footer contact information will not print.

Resubmit a Canceled Order

If ever you need to resubmit an order which has been canceled in the Order System, locate it in the Order System and update its status to Sent to Acquisitions. There is no need to recreate the order.