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Acquisitions and Bindery: Field-by-field Instructions

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Selectors, here is your handy guide to filling out an order form, field-by-field. Some of the text entry fields have limits to the number of characters you can input--these limits have been noted where necessary. The field names are arranged as if you were tabbing through the fields. If you need help with a particular field, click on a link below.


Title - REQUIRED FIELD - We prefer full titles if not overly long. If you need to truncate a long title, enter enough of it to help us distinguish it from similar titles or continue the title in the Note to Acq.

  • SYNTAX: Omit leading articles (a, an, the, foreign equivalents).
  • CHARACTER LIMIT: 134 characters

Series Title - If applicable, enter series title (and volume number if one is given).   CHARACTER LIMIT: 134 characters

Author - If item has a responsible person or organization, please enter as the Author. Primary author is enough if there are more than one.


  • Organization name: Stillwater Chamber of Commerce
  • Personal name: (LAST, FIRST) Frank, Barney.
  • CHARACTER LIMIT: 160 characters

Publisher - please include.   CHARACTER LIMIT: 50 characters

ISSN - 8 digits with central dash (1234-5678).  Typically, you will not have to enter an ISSN, unless you are ordering a backfile of a serial.

Publication Date - please include the year of publication. If unknown, please enter "unknown".

ISBN - STRONGLY RECOMMENDED - We use the ISBN to verify that we have selected the correct record in OCLC. With many of our vendors, it is THE primary means of searching their database when ordering.  Please enter if known. 10 or 13 characters (123456789x or 978123456789x). The ISBN is also useful for identifying a particular format.

Cost per Unit - Actual or estimated cost of one copy. Please enter the LIST PRICE. You don’t need to type the $ sign.

Edition - 2nd, Revised, Special, etc. Leave blank for First Edition, which is the default.

Number of copy - the default is one copy. Please edit if you want more than one copy.

Format - Default is hardbound. Please specify other formats, i.e., paperback, DVD, CD-ROM.

Fund Code - REQUIRED FIELD - Type the first letter of the fund code until it appears in the field, or select it from the drop-down list. You may not use fund codes associated with other selectors. If your fund code does not appear as an option, please contact Systems.

Requestor - What to put here depends on the situation. Here are several situations you may encounter and suggestions for how to handle them. CHARACTER LIMIT: 40 characters

    • Someone requests the book, and wishes to check it out when it is through processing. Select an Urgency Status of Keep Moving or Rush, and put the requestor's name in this field.
    • Someone requests the book, wishes to be notified when it arrives, but doesn't want to check it out. Select an Urgency Status of Keep Moving or Rush, and put your own name in the requestor field. You are then responsible for notifying the requestor when the book is ready. Keep careful notes of who wishes to be notified about what.
    • Someone requests the book, does not wish to check the book out or be notified when the book is shelf-ready, but does want it on the shelf ASAP. Select an Urgency Status of Keep Moving or Rush, and put RUSH TO STACKS in the requestor field.

Library Location - The default location is Main. For other locations, pick from the dropdown list using your mouse or type the first letter of the location name. For locations such as Gen Ref or Reserve, which are not usually permanent shelving locations, please use Main, and add a note to Acq to place the item in Gen Ref or Reserve.

Requestor Dept. - please include if known.
CHARACTER LIMIT: 20 characters

Special No. - This field is for order numbers from catalogs and for other non-standard numbers. Use Note to Acquisitions field to clarify meaning of number, to name the catalog, to tell us you're sending a catalog, etc.
CHARACTER LIMIT: 25 characters

Requestor email - please include if known. email addresses are required.
CHARACTER LIMIT: 30 characters

Status - There are three statuses available for selectors:

  • Save For Further Review: use to save a draft of your request. The order will NOT be sent to Acquisitions.
  • Send to Acquisitions: use to actually request an item.
  • Cancel Order: used for orders already sent to Acquisitions. Not to be confused with the CLEAR button at the bottom of the Order Form. Typically, you will change the status to Cancel Order either when Acquisitions has returned a request to you or you change your mind about ordering an item (please notify Acquisitions when you change your mind about a printed order).

Urgency Status - There are four statuses:

  • Normal: default.
  • Rush: Rush requests are completely processed immediately upon receipt by Acquisitions. Please include a requestor name, or note: Rush to Area if nobody needs to be notified. Rush items receive priority processing by Acquisitions, Cataloging and Circulation.
  • Keep Moving: Keep Moving requests do not receive priority processing by Acquisitions, although they are shuffled to the front of the line when it's time to submit the order to a vendor. Please include a requestor name. Keep Moving items receive priority processing by Cataloging and Circulation.
  • Stat: use this status for time-sensitive requests, such as special offers or limited-time sales. Include a Note for Acquisitions indicating the nature of the sensitivity, such as a sale end-date. Acquisitions will Rush process the request up to the point of ordering. Upon receipt, the item will receive ordinary handling by Acquisitions and Cataloging, unless you request that someone be notified.

Notes for Acquisitions - For any comments you need to send to Acq department, such as an address for a special offer or a limited-time sale. If you know this will be an added copy, please tell us here. Use this note to clarify the meaning of a notation in any of the above fields, or to notify us that you will be sending a catalog.
CHARACTER LIMIT: 174 characters.

Notes for Selector - Acquisitions will never see these notes. Use it for notes to yourself about the title, source, faculty requestor, etc. If it’s something Acquisitions will need to know, put it in the other note field.
CHARACTER LIMIT: no apparent limit.