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Department of Design & Merchandising: Finding Articles

Finding Articles

Finding Journals: Online

To find the full text of a journal online, use the Journal Search page or search the OSU Library for the journal title.


When you find the journal in the results list, click "Online Access" to view the full text.


Links to the full text are listed under "View It" in the item results.


Note: Many journals are available from more than one source, so pay attention to the date range to see what's available from each. In this case, it's available in three sources:

  • Wiley Online Library Backfile Complete: 1975 - 1996
  • Wiley Online Library: 1997 - present
  • EBSCOhost Art & Architecture Complete: 2008 - one year ago

Finding Journals: Print

In general, most of the library's newer journals are available electronically. However, some titles are only available in print, especially older titles. Records for print titles look like this.


Search the OSU Library for the title of the journal or magazine that you need, then click the "Available at" link to view locations.



Check the locations for the year that you need.



Most issues of this print trade journal are in the Annex or the Library Auxiliary Building, but issues published in the last year are in the Current Periodicals section on the 4th floor.