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ARCH 1112: Introduction to Architecture: Evaluating Websites

The CRAP Test

Find an interesting website using Google or another browser? Not sure if you can use it for academic research? It is not always easy to determine if information on the World Wide Web is credible. However, the guestions below will help you measure the reliability of web resources.

   * Currency -

           How recent is the information?

           How recently has the website been updated?

           Is it current enough for your topic?

    * Reliability -

           What kind of information is included in the resource?

           Is content of the resource primarily opinion?  Is is balanced?

           Does the creator provide references or sources for data or quotations?

    * Authority -

           Who is the creator or author?

           What are the credentials?

           Who is the published or sponsor?

           Are they reputable?

           What is the publisher's interest (if any) in this information?

           Are there advertisements on the website?

    * Purpose/Point of View -

           Is this fact or opinion?

           Is it biased?

           Is the creator/author trying to sell you something?