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Science Cafe OSU, Potential Impacts of Oil and Gas Exploration: Forum

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June 19, 2014

Forum Speakers

Commissioner Dana Murphy, Oklahoma Corporation Commission

Kent Wilkins, Assistant Chief for Planning & Management, Oklahoma Water Resources Board

Mason Mungle, President Farmers Royalty Co. & President Oklahoma Chapt. Nat'l Assoc. Royalty Owners

Lloyd Kirk, Director External Affairs, Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality


Representatives offered general information about a specific commission, agency, association, or board. Each representative provided current information & answered questions during the structured Q&A session.

Resource Links

"Changing Dynamics of Oklahoma Oil and Gas Development"
Commissioner Dana Murphy, Oklahoma Corporation Commission

June 19, 2014- Presentation for Science Cafe OSU: Stillwater Community Forum 

Program Information

Seventy-four concerned citizens attended the Science Café OSU, Stillwater Series Forum on June 19, 2014 at Stillwater Public Library. 


The majority of attendees who provided feedback agreed that the Forum speakers (1) increased their knowledge of organizations, (2) provided timely information, (3) provided easy to understand information, and (3)answered questions to their satisfaction.


Attendees also expressed appreciation for the speakers' time and expertise in helping them become better informed.


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