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Paul Miller Collection: Paul Miller Quotes


The Paul Miller Creed:

"SUBSTANCE ahead of Form;
BALANCE ahead of Speed;
COMPLETENESS ahead of Color;
ACCURACY ahead of everything. . ."

-- Paul Miller, September 18, 1965


"A newspaper isn't worth the ink used to print it if it doesn't stand for something."

--Rochester Rotary Club, 1950


"Our idea of a free press is not a press free for editors and publishers. Our idea of a free press is one that is free to and does provide full information on all possible subjects for all the people served."

--Rochester Newspaper Forum, 1951


"There isn't any better experience for any work - whatever you may do in later life - than carrying newspapers."

--Newspaperboy Scholarship Dinner, (Rochester), 1956


"Truth is our business. There can be no higher calling."

--Sigma Delta Chi Foundation Lecture, (University of Michigan), 1965


"Age-old devices still afford our only way to improve mankind itself - religion, human kindness, sympathy, self-sacrifice, regard for others."

--Highland-Genesee Nursing Graduation, 1967


"I get the feeling that in journalism, as in many other fields it takes a lot of experience just to be a beginner."

--Sigma Delta Chi Awards Dinner, 1969