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Library Creativity Award: FAQ

What do I if I don't know which category my entries is?

Don't worry. The application doesn't ask you to select a category. Our judging panel will put your entry into the category where they think it fits best and will be most competitive. 

I don't think my entry fits into any of these categories, can I still enter?

Yes! Our judges will put you in the category where your entry will be the most competitive. We also have a "Wild Card" category to better fit the diversity of our entries each year. Seeing your "Wild Card" entry might help us expand the categories to be more inclusive.

Can I enter more than once?

Yes! You may enter as many times as you like. You may have entries in multiple categories and/or multiple entries in a single category.

How long should my abstract be?

As long as you need to address the criteria.

I didn't use library resources, can I still enter?

Yes! Use of library resources is just one category judges consider. We also broadly interpret "use of library resources." Did you check out a book on the topic, or do background research on a library computer? Did you use equipment from the Tech to Go Desk, or get inspired at a library event? Did you talk over ideas with friends in a group study area or maybe over coffee in Cafe Libro? All these activities and more are considered using library resources. Get creative in how you address the criteria!

Can I enter [fill in the blank]?

Sure! If you can address the award criteria of originality, use of Library resources and creativity, then enter it.

Can I enter a group project?

You can individually enter a project you worked on as a group. In your abstract, please acknowledge the group members and explain your specific role in the project. Unfortunately, we do not have a group category at this time. 

How do I send you my entry?

Depends. It's ideal to provide at least some version of the entry electronically. File uploads and links are great ways to do this. If you feel your entry would best be judged in a non-electronic format, you may deliver the original or a copy to 216 Library between Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. It still helpful to upload a photo or other reference file to your entry form to ensure the physical entry is matched with the required entry form. Physical entries may be picked up after judging is complete. 

My files are too large to upload, what do I do?

For extremely large files, we recommend uploading the project to a service like Dropbox, YouTube, Google Drive, WordPress, Behance etc. and sending a public link to the file.