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Library Creativity Award: Rules

Entries will be judge based on

  • originality (as determined by the judging panel)
  • use of Library resources (this may be broadly interpreted and should be addressed in the project summary)
  • creativity (as determined by the judging panel)


  • 2D (may include any media presented in a two-dimensional format such as posters or photography)
  • 3D (may include physical three-dimensional objects such as sculpture, original 3D printed works, electronic 3D models or renderings, architectural models or plans)
  • Motion/Video/Animation (may include any entry that incorporates movement including video, animation, motion graphics, kinetic sculpture or dance, or virtual reality presentations)
  • Wild Card (allows for any work that doesn't easily fit into other categories). This category recognizes the diverse forms creativity can take. Any and all examples of creative work are encouraged to apply.
  • One winner will be selected from each category. A "Best in Show" award will be selected from all entries. Awards may not be presented, depending on the quality of the submissions.

To be eligible to win, applicants must

  • Be an enrolled student at OSU-Stillwater at the time of the application deadline.
  • Make their personal role clear in application materials if the submitted projects was a group effort.
  • Have completed the creative project during the application period (July 1, 2019 - April 13, 2020)
  • Submit the application form and project by the posted deadline.