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Best Practices: Put it all together

Put it all together!

Combining the guidelines increases their power.


How do I connect from off-campus?

If you are an OSU user connecting from off-campus, you will need:

If you are not an OSU user:

  • We regret that our vendors do not allow access for non-OSU users.
  • You may still use items marked "Free, unlicensed access."
  • You may use most items when you visit the OSU campus and use the public computers in the libraries.

Combined guidelines

  • the heading is a question
  • uses 2 lists
  • uses parallelism ("if you are...")
  • It's a question a user might actually ask, and how they would ask it (not "What is the ez-Proxy?").
  • It's what you would say to someone on the telephone.